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Exploring the Wild with Bear Grylls: A Comprehensive Gear Review


When diving into outdoor survival gear, a prominent name that consistently emerges is Bear Grylls. Synonymous with extreme outdoor adventures, Bear Grylls is not just a global icon of survival skills but also a definitive influence in survival gear. If you’re searching for a Bear Grylls survival gear review, you’re likely looking for gear that’s both reliable and robust, capable of withstanding the rigors of harsh environments while enhancing your survival chances during outdoor expeditions.

In this compact guide, we’ll explore an array of Bear Grylls-endorsed survival tools, ranging from essential knives to multifunctional backpacks crafted for the wild. These items reflect Bear’s survival philosophy: gear must be functional, durable, and support a wide range of survival tasks. For those of you striding into the wilderness, whether seasoned adventurers or newcomers, understanding the specifics of this gear can significantly boost your confidence and preparedness.

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Our focus here at Survival Titan caters to all—from novice enthusiasts yearning to dive into the basics of outdoor survival to seasoned experts refining their skills. Each gear review, combined with practical advice, ensures that every wilderness experience is safe, controlled, and full of adventure. Let’s gear up and step into nature with trusted equipment endorsed by Bear Grylls himself.

Bear Grylls Survival Gear Review: Essential Tools for the Wild

The Ultimate Fixed Blade Knife

The Bear Grylls Ultimate Fixed Blade Knife is designed for serious outdoor enthusiasts. It boasts a full tang construction, ensuring sturdiness and reliability in harsh conditions. The knife’s solid design is ideal for a variety of survival tasks such as cutting, carving, and even prying. Its 4.8-inch drop-point blade is made from high carbon stainless steel, offering excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance. The ergonomic grip combined with a rubberized handle provides a non-slip grip even in wet conditions, making it a dependable tool for any adventure.

Brompton x Bear Grylls Waterproof Backpack

This collaboration between Brompton and Bear Grylls brings a lightweight, streamlined, and durable backpack, perfect for outdoor activities. The backpack is fully waterproof, protecting your essentials from the elements. Its design focuses on comfort with padded straps and an airflow back system to reduce the burden during extended wear. The backpack’s capacity is ample for day trips or short expeditions, with specialized compartments for organizing gear efficiently.

AAA LED Flashlight

The AAA LED Flashlight included in Bear Grylls’ gear lineup is noted for its modest output and long runtimes. This flashlight provides a consistent 6 lumens of light for up to 14 hours, making it a reliable source in low-light conditions. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry in a pocket or attach to a backpack. The rubberized area enhances grip, and the small size does not compromise on durability, ensuring it withstands the rigors of outdoor use.

Fire Steel Features

Bear Grylls’ Fire Steel is an essential survival tool designed with an ergonomic handle that offers a firm grip and increases ease of use. This fire starter generates hot sparks that can easily ignite tinder, crucial for building a fire in survival situations. The robust construction ensures it can be used repeatedly, making it a valuable component of any survival kit. Safety features include a striker attached to a lanyard, ensuring it remains secure and ready for action whenever needed.

Each of these tools has been rigorously tested and refined to meet the demands of both novice adventurers and seasoned survivalists. With Bear Grylls’ endorsement, these tools are not just about handling the outdoors; they’re about mastering it. Whether you’re planning a short hiking trip or preparing for a more extended survival scenario, these tools provide the reliability and functionality essential for facing the wild. Let’s continue to explore how these tools perform under real-world conditions in the next section.

Performance and Durability: Testing Bear Grylls Gear in the Field

Testing the Ultimate Knife

When it comes to survival tools, the Ultimate Knife stands out for its robustness and utility. In real-world testing, this knife has proven its worth by excelling in cutting performance, handle grip, and blade sharpness.

  • Cutting Performance: The knife easily chops through both green and dry wood, demonstrating efficiency in typical survival tasks like making firewood or building shelters.
  • Handle Grip: The textured TacHide™ handle provides a secure grip even in wet conditions, ensuring that the knife is easy to control during precise or heavy use.
  • Blade Sharpness: The half-serrated, drop-point blade retains its sharpness even after multiple uses, cutting through various materials without the need for frequent sharpening.

Assessing the Waterproof Backpack

The Brompton x Bear Grylls Waterproof Backpack is designed for adventurers who face unpredictable weather conditions. This backpack has been assessed for its water resistance, comfort, and storage capacity.

  • Water Resistance: The backpack keeps contents dry during heavy rains, making it reliable for carrying essential gear and electronic devices in wet environments.
  • Comfort: With its ergonomic design, the backpack distributes weight evenly, reducing strain on the shoulders and back during long treks.
  • Storage Capacity: It offers ample space with organized compartments, making it easy to store and access gear efficiently.

Flashlight and Fire Steel Practical Use

The AAA LED Flashlight and Fire Steel are critical for night-time navigation and emergency fire-starting. These tools have been tested for their lighting efficiency, spark generation, and handling.

  • Lighting Efficiency: The flashlight provides a steady, bright beam that illuminates the path ahead, essential for night movement or during low visibility conditions.
  • Spark Generation: The Fire Steel, included with the knife’s sheath, generates hot sparks effectively, crucial for starting fires quickly in emergency situations.
  • Handling: Both tools are designed with ergonomics in mind, ensuring they are easy to use and handle, even when wearing gloves or in cold conditions.

Each piece of gear in the Bear Grylls survival gear review has undergone extensive testing to ensure they not only meet but exceed the expectations of outdoor enthusiasts. From the sharpness and durability of the Ultimate Knife to the reliable and functional design of the waterproof backpack and the essential lighting and fire-starting capabilities of the flashlight and Fire Steel, these tools are built to last and perform under pressure. This real-world testing confirms that Bear Grylls’ gear is ready for anything the wild can throw at you.

Bear Grylls’ Survival Philosophy and Gear Strategy

Importance of Gear Selection

Choosing the right gear is crucial for any outdoor adventure. Bear Grylls emphasizes the importance of selecting gear that is lightweight, non-moisture retaining, and secure. This philosophy ensures that the gear not only enhances your ability to move freely but also protects you from the elements and unexpected situations.

Lightweight gear means you can travel further without getting tired. Gear that does not retain moisture is essential for keeping you dry and maintaining your body temperature. Secure gear ensures that everything you carry is safely stowed and accessible when you need it most.

Survival Tips from Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls is a renowned survival expert whose tips can be lifesaving. Here are some of his key survival tips:

  • Protection: Always prioritize your shelter. Whether it’s a high-quality emergency blanket or a well-constructed lean-to, protection from the elements can prevent hypothermia and provide safety from wildlife.
  • Rescue: Bear often stresses the importance of being able to signal for help. Items like a loud whistle or a signaling mirror can be crucial. Bear’s gear usually includes these items because getting rescued can be the difference between life and death.
  • Survival Priorities: Remember the survival rule of threes – you can survive three minutes without air, three hours without shelter in harsh conditions, three days without water, and three weeks without food. Prioritizing based on these rules can increase your survival chances dramatically.

Practical Advice

Bear’s practical advice is based on his extensive field experience and military training. He advises always to be prepared with a basic knowledge of survival skills such as fire-making, finding water, and basic first aid. Bear’s survival gear kits often include items like fire starters, water purification tablets, and a basic first aid kit to address these needs.

For those venturing into the wild, Bear recommends practicing with your gear before you actually need to rely on it. Familiarity with the functionality of each item in your survival kit can make a significant difference in emergency situations.

In summary, Bear Grylls’ survival philosophy revolves around being prepared with the right gear, understanding basic survival priorities, and having the ability to protect yourself and seek rescue if necessary. His gear strategies are designed to equip adventurers with the tools they need to not only survive but thrive in the wild. The next section will delve deeper into some frequently asked questions about Bear Grylls’ gear to help you choose the best equipment for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bear Grylls Gear

What survival knife does Bear Grylls use?

Bear Grylls is known for using the Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife, which is a collaboration with Gerber. This fixed blade knife is designed for a variety of survival tasks. It features a high carbon, stainless steel drop-point blade, ideal for strength and durability. The knife includes a half-serrated edge to handle cutting through tougher materials like rope and wood. This design choice reflects Bear’s understanding of the need for a versatile, reliable tool in the wild.

What rucksack does Bear Grylls use?

For his adventures, Bear Grylls often uses the Brompton x Bear Grylls Waterproof Backpack. This backpack is a result of his collaboration with Brompton and is crafted to be lightweight, streamlined, and highly durable. The waterproof feature stands out as it ensures that all contents stay dry, a crucial factor in outdoor survival scenarios. This backpack is suitable for various outdoor activities, emphasizing its versatility and suitability for different environments.

What does Bear Grylls need to know to survive?

Survival in the wild requires more than just good gear; it demands a deep environmental awareness, an understanding of gear maintenance, and knowledge of emergency procedures. Bear Grylls’ training in the British Special Forces provided him with skills in these areas, which he applies and shares through his TV shows and survival courses. Proper maintenance of equipment like sharpening knives, repairing gear, and ensuring all items are in good working order is essential for reliability. Additionally, knowing emergency procedures helps in creating effective survival strategies and ensuring safety.

In conclusion, Bear Grylls’ choice of gear, from his survival knife to his rucksack, is tailored to enhance functionality and ensure survival essentials are met. His gear is designed to withstand the challenges of the wild, making them a top choice for adventurers and survival enthusiasts alike.


In wrapping up our comprehensive review of Bear Grylls’ survival gear, it’s clear that Survival Titan stands as a beacon for those passionate about braving the great outdoors with confidence and security. Our exploration into Bear Grylls’ gear selection reveals a lineup designed not just to endure but to empower the adventurer in all of us.

Dependable Gear
Bear Grylls’ survival gear, rigorously reviewed and tested, has proven its mettle time and again. Each item, from the robust Ultimate Fixed Blade Knife to the resilient Brompton x Bear Grylls Waterproof Backpack, is crafted to offer reliability when it matters most. These tools are not just equipment; they are lifelines that uphold the rigorous standards of both functionality and durability. Whether it’s navigating through dense forests or setting up camp in the wild, you can trust this gear to perform.

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