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RHINO RESCUE IFAK Trauma First Aid Kit Molle Medical Pouch for Car Home Travel Hiking

[IFAK TRAUMA FIRST RESPONSE KIT] – TOUROAM IFAK well-built for emergencies during the outdoor adventure, hunting, camping, travel, disaster, and accident, which is ready for first responders, etc [MASSIVE HAEMORRHAGE & CIRCULATORY CARE] – Compact survival first aid supplies for bleeding control including military combat tourniquet, Israeli battle compress bandage, self-adhering bandage, Cleaning Pad and…



Safety Buckle

Two-Way Zippers

Hemming Strip

Rip-Away Velcro

Safety Buckle—secure the bag from falling apart

Two-Way Zippers—easy to open with double insurance

Hemming Strip—make bag well-shaped

Rip-Away Velcro—grab-to-go, remove the bag instantly

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