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BAOFENG UV-5G (UV-5X) GMRS Handheld Radio, Long Range Rechargeable Two Way Radio for Adults NOAA Weather Receiver & Scanner, with Two 15.5″ High Gain Antenna & Programming Cable Support Chirp, 2 Pack

🔥 [Ideal GMRS HT] The UV-5G, a GMRS version of the classic UV model, comes with an FCC ID: 2AN62-UV5G and requires a GMRS license. It’s pre-programmed with 30 GMRS and 11 NOAA channels, ready to use right out of the box. 🔥 [Extended Talking Range] Equipped with a 15.5″ high gain antenna, it supports…


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uv-5g 2pcs antenna chirp


  • As a GMRS radio, UV-5G requires a license from the FCC to operate.
  • This license requires no testing, just fill in the application and pay the fee.

Repeater info can be found on MYGMRS website (or its APP), it provides a decent list of repeaters.

When used with a GMRS Repeater, the talking range of UV-5G is greatly increased.

Why choose UV-5G (UV-5X)?

UV-5G is a LEGAL GMRS handheld radio. These long range walkie talkies extend all the functions from UV-5R, but transmits only on the GMRS channels. It adds NOAA Weather Alert. The UV-5G offers GMRS performance as another addition to the familiar UV-5R series of radios. A true GMRS radio that will be a useful companion in your outdoor activities.

FCC Certificated: Part 95E & Part 15B


Please kindly know that UV-5G is an FCC Certificated model ( FCC Certification downloadable below). On UV band you can only receive but not transmit — this meets the requirements of FCC.


Why choose GMRS over FRS?


  1. GMRS repeater capable. UV-5G, the long distance walkie talkies, can take advantage of GMRS repeaters to get a more powerful, further-ranging signal. — This is not an option with FRS radios.
  2. GMRS radios allow Wide-band FM to provide a louder and clearer signal than the FRS radios restricted to Narrow-band FM with a lower power rating.
  3. The UV-5G provides more selectable channels than FRS radios, more CTCSS and DCS tone options to reduce unwanted signals.




UV-5G new set box

Cross Compatible


  1. Compatible with all accessories of UV-5R ham radio series, such as 3800mAh battery. Easy to find backup parts on market or from your previous radios.
  2. Compatible with BAOFENG new six-way charger.


NOAA Weather Scanning

UV-5G automatically scans 11 NOAA weather channels. On call 24/7 with updated severe weather reports so you’re always up to date on the latest weather conditions.

The ideal companion for road trips, hunting, backpacking, safety and security and other outdoor activities. Two-way walkie-talkie long range rechargeable.

What’s in the Box


  • 2 x BAOFENG UV-5G (UV-5X) GMRS Radio
  • 2 x 15.5″ High Gain Sntenna
  • 2 x Original Antenna
  • 1 x Programming Cable
  • 2 x 7.4V 1800mAh Li-ion Battery
  • 2 x Earphone Mic/Headset
  • 2 x Desktop Charger with Adapter
  • 2 x Belt Clip
  • 2 x Hand Strap
  • 1 x User Manual

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